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Cemetery Map

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Points of Interest

  1. Sarah Foster Hannah

  2. Founder of the Washington Cemetery. President of the Washington Female Seminary.
  3. First Interment

  4. November 1,1853 - Infant John Morgan Hayes
  5. Glacier Memorial

  6. A boulder reportedly carried by the Great Continental Glacier from Canada to Ithaca, NY, now used as a memorial.
  7. Civil War Veteran's Section
  8. James & Margaret Wilson

  9. First settlers of Washington, PA
  10. Veteran's Sections - All Wars
  11. Washington County Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
  12. "Garden of Angels"

  13. Bronze Sculpture by sculptor Alan Cottrill.
  1. Joseph Albert Yablonski

  2. Mr. Yablonski, his wife and his daughter were all murdered on Jan. 5, 1970 in retaliation to a conflict arising from a United Mine Worker's election.
  3. Garden Mausoleum

  4. Established 1998
  5. "Serenity" Chapel Mausoleum

  6. Established 1988
  7. Crosbie Memorial Plaque

  8. In recognition of the Thomas Crosbie family who established a 110 year tenure as succesive Superintendent's of the Washington Cemetery.
  9. Medal of Honor Recipient

  10. Hugh P. Boon, Captain Civil War, Company B-1, West Virginia Cavalry.
  11. Community Mausoleum

  12. Established 1920
  13. Crematorium

  14. Established 1985
Cemetery Map
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